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Want to know how will the powerful future of the glasses?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zenni Optical for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Since someone realized, maybe over a thousand years ago, with a piece of transparent sphere or segment of a crystal could see better, the lenses have come a long way to our eyes.
I started wearing glasses at a very small kid, some people inherited money ... I inherited myopia. I was about five years old when I used my first glasses. The frame was a seedy and brown plastic and "lens" really were a somewhat plastic or synthetic material to avoid break them.
I clearly remember the first time that I was lost my first glasses: I remember I was playing in the playground of my school, I took off my glasses because I would not harm them, when I returned to look for my precious glasses... PUFF! they were gone!.
Then, when I was 21 years old, I had a surgery laser eye procedure, which seemed great, but then at the age of 33 years... SURPRISE! Myopia had returned, a little bit,  but returned.
What happened? I had to start (again!) to use prescription glasses, but with one small difference: they are more fun now!. They come in all colors and shapes possible and excellent example of  stylish glasses that you can be seen in Zenni Optical webpage right now. For example, you can find prescription glasses from $6.95 or much better (I assure you) can to use Zenni Frame Fit™ to see the frames right on your face!. To me this technology is AWESOME!. Please, feel free to take a look at some of the fantastic deals on their website.

Emerging technology takes glasses to a whole new level, with augmented reality glasses (what kind of magic is this!) you can look like a cyber warrior. Please check out this Emerging Technology Info Graphic from Zenni Optical and you can see the evoluton and  part of the amazing future of the lens glasses. Enjoy it!.

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