miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011

YapTime, a secure SOCIAL NETWORK for all!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of YapTime. All opinions are 100% mine.

You like me are also tired of receiving invitations to belong with a particular network of people who do not even remember or recognize? Why should I accept someone on my Facebook profile, MySpace or Sonic do not even want them in my group of "pseudo friends" ? If you do not accept friend request from that person means that I DO NOT WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND, we are clear on this right?  
Thinking about this type of situation arises YapTime, which is a free service designed for social groups. Using private YapTime created meeting places called "YapRooms", which serve to bring together people who really interest you and to keep them informed through discussion, photos or videos to share and plan events through the calendar of the group.  
Now, the service be extensive, it's free, totally free so you will not have to pay anything to enjoy it.  
Moreover, else YapTime not identical to Facebook, MySpace or any other network. On the contrary, is characterized YapTime avoid such requests pseudo friends, problems with the privacy of users' personal information or filling a tray with news and messages that make no sense!.  
All content related to communications among members of the group created in YapTime is in a safe place unlike emails, since you can keep track of the correspondence group to which one belongs.  
The user interface is user friendly, being smart, intuitive and easy to understand, attractive features designed to share an entertaining way with members of the group photos, calendars, activities, videos and comments. The interesting thing is that each group has an unique email address and different with all other groups, which allows any message and content of emails sent to the email address of the group is received by all other members automatically, really fantastic!.

YapTime is a safe introduction to social networks, yet simple enough for from kids to grandparents can use it easily. 

YapTime was created to solve a problem not addressed by the big social networks open. Using private YapRooms, friends, families and teams can share and discuss the pictures and videos, organizing events through group calendars, and conduct important conversations, all easily accessible.

So ... What are you waiting for! It's time for YapTime!

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