domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

EscortSite, an interesting management system

Internet is an awesome world where everything is possible, fertile ground for innovative ideas as EscortSite, a full system targeted to content management escorts who can easily their own start managing website content, community, newsletters and much more.

Once an user enters with EscortSite can find dozens of professional website designs, modules and widgets like Fanclub Service, VideoChat Service, PhoneChat Service (in beta) and Advertising Service.

Rates are different depending on the levels and needs of each escort web design, the bronze level is free and allows a daily traffic of 256 MB, monthly traffic of 5 GB and storage space of 50 MB, organizing your photos and videos in multiple galleries and subgalleries.

The Dashboard is easy and intuitive for the user, having reviewed the statistics of the escort website, obtaining benefits that are translated into credit points or loyalty points, this credits points are used to buy special products like .Com domain, design customization, retouch photos, photos and blur many many more.

I could use the service of web design and I really found it's very easy to use, in fact I think I will use the page I created for a small project I have in mind.

So you know my friends, I invite you to visit the next link: escort site

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