jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Fight against aging right now

In the fight against aging, since time immemorial humans have searched for ways to delay the diseases of aging and senescence applying some cream antioxidant, detoxifying or relaxing baths and practices of fasting and spiritual stability to promote somehow rejuvenate a body worn out or in process of attrition.

The action of the penny stocks & free radicals on the organism has been known for some time, but enough to know that our cells daily hit accelerating the aging process or causing diseases of aging, to prevent and investigate it as a reverse birth companies like OXIS International Inc, dedicated to the fight, research, development and sale of products that counteract the harmful effects of "oxidative stress", which is one that develops as a result of daily activities in our cities and towns .

We speak of therapeutic products with nutraceutical properties, like glutathione (the “mother of all antioxidants), according to research that is believed to provide beneficial properties to health, so for this summer 2010 OXIS International Inc release to the global marketplace two new products:

“Ergo-Pur”: a pure form of a multifaceted very powerful antioxidant that the company expects will be used sometimes in combination with other new product: “Ergo-Plex”, a product that ERGO is a combination of functional ingredients along with other joint nutraceuticals aimed at the person's Health

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