domingo, 11 de octubre de 2009

Want to know what others write on your computer with Stealth iBot

Usually several people in some companies use the same computer, leading to serious consequences in case of leakage of information by employees who are not loyal to the company. Another example, at home, family members use the same computer, especially children, who in his innocence up personal photos, are the target of unscrupulous people who are on line.

How to avoid this leakage of information?, How can you control what comes or goes into a computer network?, Parents should spy on their children what they write on the computer like James Bond???... Fortunately, there are passive devices that can solve many of these problems. Fortunately there are passive devices that can solve many of these problems, tools that allow us to spy on passwords, online chat sessions, visited websites and more. These tools are called Cover Data Extractors, that analyze the content of what has been typed on the keyboard of a computer. There is a special tool provided by BrickHouse Security, called “Stealth iBot” , which as a pendrive that plugs into the USB of the computer to spy, saves everything that enters through the keyboard.

With Stealth iBot, we can turn your PC into a computer spy, provides us with all information we want, and can analyze it later, thanks to the unobtrusive design of Stealth iBot. Many companies and security companies save big money by having a computer spy, that would prevent loyal employees sell confidential information. Also at home parents can benefit from a computer spy, to know which websites children or adolescents entered the family, if they are victims of online harassment.

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