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How can I protect my money from the global crisis?

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An excellent alternative is to buy gold. Beside being a precious mineral, has always been used to protect the up and down, failure, bankruptcies and rude shock of the global economy. I know many may think that they can't buy gold bullion , that they leave only to billionaires and oil tycoons who swim in dollars. But the truth is that ordinary people can protect our money buying gold bullion and gold coins.

Now, you might ask how ordinary people can buy gold bullion or gold coin, very easy my friends!, companies engaged in the marketing of gold also have internet presence. One is "" which offers the sale of gold coins in many beautiful designs, such as "American Gold Eagle", a beautiful gold coin in 22 carat. In the front of the gold coin and we have to Miss Liberty and on the back of the coin there are two bald eagle, symbol of american power. This design was ordered by the former U.S. president Theodore J. Roosevelt.

Fun fact: Many may ask why buy coins of 22 carat.? Is not it better 24 carat.?, yes and no, what happens if make a coin in 24 carat. gold?... it would be too soft, so alloys coin are made of 22 carat. not only sells gold coins and bars can also buy silver coins and platinum coins, which are also an excellent way to protect your money.

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