viernes, 30 de octubre de 2009

Do you need a math tutor?, Try with TutorVista

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I must say this my dear friends: while studying in high school... long time ago, I was very bad with math. Seriously! I was so wrong with the math that my parents were always looking for private tutor to reinforce in my very hard head mathematical knowledge.

That is not to say that I am proud of it, quite the contrary, I often felt frustrated, so much so that I did not study humanities sciences but not to see pure mathematics in high school, i never had really math help, saddly but very true my friends.

If I had TutorVista.Com services on that occasion, with online math help, my story might have been different. TutorVista is a powerful tool to help people with problems in learning math, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus and other areas of mathematical science, just remember that come to my mind unpleasant memories... indeed. They have online math tutor and teachers who will be happy to help as needed. The best of the best of TutorVista is that you can learn math with fun activities whit free online math help, something I can not conceive but that if possible!. You can have online math tutoring by a low cost, only $99,99 a month.

The student and tutor communicate with each other using VoIP, have a multimedia interactive whiteboard that allows for broad development of mathematical activities. The system has a demo account, which allows enjoying the benefits of TutorVista, free online math tutoring and analyze if the service should use, I repeat, if I had enjoyed TutorVista, while studying in high school, all my history had been different... Indeed!!!

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