miércoles, 1 de abril de 2009

Looking for fun? Try TRIVIALA!


Hey! Looking for fun? or better yet ... Win by playing and participating in Trivia?... Sure, it's possible!, Recently people from TRIVIALA, a Website specializing in competitions, opened its doors to anyone who wants to play and participate in the contests and games with something extra: YOU CAN EARN MONEY BY PLAYING! How is this? Very friendly guys, TRIVIALA shared among all players by £5000 the amount of accumulating "crowns" which you can use to participate in daily competitions will generate more opportunities to win more prizes per month. It is interesting because there are few sites that are dedicated to this. You can choose between playing jackpot, the question of the day, General geography quiz, Fit the person to the sport (So one name, three sports, fit the person to the sport that), General Knowledge, and more!, trivia contests and all are divided into different categories, you can always find some trivia that suit your tastes.

Hey, by the way, can also visit the BLOG of TRIVIALA, which has a lot of information not only on the Website, but how to play, interesting data and the latter to keep up playing trivia

I invite you to try it out, who knows, it is likely that beside have fun, you can to win money or prizes!

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