martes, 21 de octubre de 2008

Hey there! Give a look at the widgets of!

It is curious as a publication with so many years on the market as ReaderDigest has been maintained and evolve over time until the digital age. The world according Nahesh is pleased to make a review sponsored by ReaderDigest on its digital portal, where you can download a huge number of widgets useful for all users of the internet and other fans of the magazine.

Why is a powerful tool? simple, allows to keep you updated every day with very useful information as seen from the perspective of people who are like you and me. Words carry knowledge and knowledge are power, with the novelty that you can learn with fun anecdotes and jokes own ReaderDigest.

You laugh with jokes very funny if you visit this link RD Laughs Main ,but you can also keep you updated by downloading widgets from the DR, one that I particularly like is Word Power, which lets you challenge a friend to build a richer vocabulary using the power of your brain.

There is also another widget called the Daily Laughs with whom you laugh non-stop every day to receive jokes coming out in the magazine. There is also a curious widget: Prop my photo, where you can upload a picture of you in gracious hilarious situations and the public or visitors to vote for the most gracious. The best thing about this widget is that you can use with the Facebook!

To end cannot miss the famous Toolbar ReaderDigest that is perfect for the addict to ReaderDigest Magazine. Downloadable for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

Please click this link Widgets and download all the widgets, i certify, in fact, i downloaded not only by recommendation of ReaderDigest, but because i am a fan of the magazine for many years

By the way, they can also find funny videos (Stand-up Videos) filled with much good humor and cartoons ranging from daily life cartoons to work cartoons (Funny Cartoons) , enjoy!

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